Through a holistic approach, Together we can find how to best meet your needs, by integrating psychotherapy, education, support and thoughtful medication management.


Most psychiatric disorders if left untreated can be highly debilitating. With advances in science and analysis at the genomic level of each individual can lead to improved diagnosis and treatment of diseases and ultimately health and wellbeing.

Personalized Medicine

Together we can achieve recovery, by addressing cognitive, emotional and social challenges in a combined or integral way; here you will find personalized medicine for specific treatments with the aim of achieving sustained wellness.

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Your emotional stability and mental health is pivotal to living life on your own terms, so, make sure to have an evaluation first, to determine your mental health status and establish the treatment that best suits you.

About Me

Who I Am & What I Do

I am a firm believer in a multidimensional approach to care in order to achieve sustained wellness. My framework incorporates the understanding that we may all experience periods where life management skills alone are insufficient, and thoughtful medication supplementation can be therapeutic in achieving balance and wellness. Through direct care experience, my knowledge, motivation, and passion for assisting people seeking wellness have grown exponentially. My experience includes PMHNP Residency training in the VA Boston Healthcare System as well as inpatient Nursing Director at BIDMC.

About Me & My Work

Each individual’s journey is unique, as is the way in which we process our environment (internal & external). I look forward to helping you achieve mental wellness by maximizing your strengths; we take a holistic approach to care that incorporates therapy with thoughtful medication management. I look forward to partnering with you on this wellness journey, with an aim to enhance motivation and achieve clearer goals.

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I am a board certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, assisting those seeking wellness, through integral treatment guidance.

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